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As part of making preparations for our daughter's wedding reception of earlier this month, we were seeking the services of a DJ to perform at the event. While attending a relative's wedding reception last year, we found that person. It was DJ Jimmy Jam! We scouted, examined, and auditioned if you will, many such performers at numerous events in recent months. We were not quite sure exactly what we were looking for, but we were quite confident we would know it when we saw it. Such was the case with DJ Jimmy Jam. His enthusiasm, showmanship, and obvious love for his work were quite evident throughout his performance. The problem was that the reception at which we came across DJ Jimmy Jam was several hundred miles from where our daughter's reception would be held. Since you never know unless you try, we tried. To our immense pleasure, (and relief), DJ Jimmy Jam agreed to render his services at our daughter's reception. DJ Jimmy Jam, along with assistant from his father and best friend, Papa Jam, put on the kind of performance we had hoped for, and expected. They kept the crowd enthused, involved, and most importantly, extremely entertained. Their tribute to our country's military veterans was well received by the entire crowd, bringing tears to the eyes of many. It was just one memorable moment among an evening full of them. Anyone looking for someone who is kind, considerate, extremely easy to work with, and above all else completely entertaining and professional, would do well to contact DJ Jimmy Jam, (and Papa Jam, too)!

Jim & Karen Szafarowicz